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OBCC Church

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Learn about how God transformed the lives of the OBCC members and how Jesus makes a difference. Read below

Arnel Samoy's Personal Testimony

I grew up in a solidly religious home.  As a family we did not miss praying during the so-called six o’clock orasyon.  I was very religious, yet I was not 100% sure about my salvation.  I held on to my traditional religious beliefs to have a sense of security.  I considered myself a pretty good guy and I thought that I probably had a good enough standing with God.  I thought that there was a great probability that I have earned my salvation, and that only the really bad sinners (killers, rapists, etc.) who would be sent to hell.  However, as I grew older, I gradually became reluctant to go to church and do the daily orasyon. It became a burdensome mechanical routine for me and I no longer had joy doing it.  I felt that God was just like a mechanical God.


The turning point of my life was when I realized how desperately I needed a personal experience of God’s saving grace.  God sent some people from OBCCC, my church today, to meet me and boldly share their faith in Christ with me.  I read the Bible and began searching for the meaning of life.  On September 23, 1987, when I was in my second year High School, I finally understood that Jesus Christ died for me and that if I wholeheartedly accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior, I would be saved.  This truth hit me hard; I cried out to God and I became sure of my salvation.


God has done remarkable things in me and through me.  I excitedly shared my new discovery with my classmates. With my heart filled with joy, I conducted bible study discussions with many students and I shared God's salvation to them during break times.  Increasingly, my love for the Lord grew.  I firmly believe what the Bible teaches – there is no other name under heaven by which man could be saved, other than the name of Jesus.


Today, God uses me and my family in OBCCC.  I also serve Him in OBCC’s daughter churches such as the Servants of Christ Church (I am a pioneering servant there) and the God will Provide Christian Fellowship as assistant.  To God be the Glory.

Rex' Personal Testimony

I belong to a family of 13 children. I was the one closest to my wise, upright grandmother. I admired her for her wisdom, common sense and strength of character. In school, religion and God appealed to me. I went to church everyday and became very devout to the point that I almost became a priest. However, despite my religiosity, everything seemed meaningless to me. I seriously studied martial arts and various self-cultivation philosophies. Life seemed mechanical, boring and lonely. My self-righteousness only made people uncomfortable with me. God seemed so far away. I felt lonely and depressed. In one moment of loneliness, I cried to God, "Are you real? Do you really exist? If you do, please reveal yourself to me?"

In college, my older brother, who became a follower of Christ, shared with me the good news that Jesus died for my sins. From the Bible, I understood that the reason why God seemed far away is because "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Convicted of my sins, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Immediately after that, I bought a Bible and read it voraciously. I found great joy reading and memorizing the Book of Proverbs because of its excellent words of wisdom. I led bible studies and pioneered a church in an urban poor area of Old Balara, Quezon City, called Old Balara Christian Community. I succeeded in my career as University professor and manager in a multinational company in Makati City and became a businessman. Now, I lead and train my fellow businessmen how to manage their enterprises using the wise principles of the Bible. My vision now is to be a provider in God's kingdom and to activate the Army of the Providers in each local church.

"...the good news is preached to the poor" (Matt. 11:5)