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OBCC Church

Pastors and Leaders

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Since 1977, OBCC had a succession of four pastors so far

The Lord is raising up mighty men and women of God to establish His ministry in Old Balara, Barangay Holy Spirit, V Luna, Sangandaan, Pasong Tamo, Capitol Hills, Calderon, and elsewhere.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of this local church.  Its structure looks like as follows.


The succession of OBCC pastors is as follows:
1. Rene (Rex) Resurreccion - January 12, 1977 to 1994 (Now Provider)
2. Pastor Thereso Balgos - (Promoted to heaven)
3. Pastor Dennis Manas - (Now, Supervising Pastor)
4. Pastor Rene Tuazon - Present pastor


Rex Resurreccion, founder of OBCC, having strategy planning with key leaders Pastor Dennis Manas, Cris Sabarez and Pastor Rene Tuazon