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OBCC Church


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Servants of Christ Fellowship (SCF)

Strategic Plan


Facilitated by Rene Resurreccion

Resurreccion Residence, July 15, 2006



1.      Pastor Danny

2.      Arnel Samoy

3.      Dandie

4.      Regie

5.      Liezel

6.      Clar

7.      Mayday


“TOP” - Technology of Participation

1.      Context

2.      Victory Circle

3.      Commitment

4.      Current Reality

5.      Activities

6.      Assignment / Calendar

7.      Reflect




How can we increase the “membership” of the Servants of Christ Fellowship (SCF) from 40 to 100 and from 2 Home Bible Studies (HBS) to 6 HBS by July 15, 2007?


         Practical Activities/ Steps

         Active Officers and Members

1)      Born-again (Saved)

2)      Baptized

3)      Application form

         SCF = V. Luna Church




By July 15, 2007,


We see:

         100 committed members

         Attend Sunday service

         6 Homes B.S

         New faces/ members

         50 active Church Workers

         Active fellowships = YP, Mothers etc.

         30 YP active in music ministry


We feel:

         High self- esteem church workers




         Proud to be member




We do / say:

         Glory to God!

         Praise God

         Well done

         By grace of God

         More Pursuit

         Continue to gain





1.      Maglaan ng oras pagkagising at bago matulog para ipanalangin ang content/context ng SCF strat plan. (Arnel)

2.      I promise to the Lord that I will commit my time, my energy in order to achieve our goal.  (May day G. Alburo)

3.      I promise to God that I will handle the Mothers’ fellowship at tulungan po silang maging kapaki-pakinabang at aktibong ina, hindi lang po sa church, kundi maging sa kanilang family.  Ganoon din po iyong Children’s ministry na lumaki silang may takot at aktibong nagpapagamit sa church. (Clar)

4.      I promised to the Lord that I will lead the young people, give them programs, activities, events to encourage more new young people to attend and be born again. Be an ate to them, help and advise them when needed it most. (Regie D. Alburo)

5.      Mas maraming panahon at oras sa pagbibisita sa gawain ng Panginoon, para sa Servants of Christ, at magdagdag ng  Home Bible Study. (Danny)

6.      I promise to the Lord to commit my time and talent to train young people and encourage them to use their talent for the Glory of God. (Dandig)

7.      I promise to the Lord that I will be active in encouraging mothers to attend Sunday service; participate in every activity of the church (Liezl Vasquez)





         Excellent Praise & Worship - //

         We care / love

         Hi Impact Message (Relevant)

         Workers – Intact, good chemistry, solid

         Maraming nanay

         Strategic location

         50% of members are givers



         Limited time to use church – //

         Members are urban poor – //

         YP = Decreasing commitment

         Lack training / seminars for workers.

         Lack workers for music ministry

         Members = ningas kugon   


         No church building - //

         Not comfortable, vices around

         Weak ushering

         Members – weak participation, limited time



         Take off for growth in coming years

         Stable finances – //

         Lessen vices of surrounding

         Community fund more

         Praise and worship team more dynamic / stronger

         SCF more known


We must avoid:

         Don’t tolerate hardheaded members/ young people

         Avoid unequal distribution of duties

         Avoid infrequent meetings of workers

         Avoid tardiness of practice

         Avoid ningas kugon

         Avoid discouragement

         Avoid divided mind




1.      Evangelism

2.      Concert Evangelism

3.      Discipleship

4.      Young People’s Discipleship

5.      Fellowship

6.      Outdoor activities for Mothers

7.      Discipleship and Leadership training, trainings programs

8.      Trainings for the new or other workers for children ministry

9.      Train more Musicians

10.  Visitation

11.  Frequent visitation

12.  Home Bible Study

13.  More bible study

14.  Strengthen Prayer Group

15.  Form a Christian Cooperative





Target Dates

Assigned Person

1st Meeting  Date

Maintenance Date

Celebration Date






1.      Evangelism

1st week/ Sun of Aug’ 06

Weekly every Thurs

July 15, 2007

Dandie / Mayday

2.      Training Programs

5th wk of July 06

Weekly every Thurs

July 15, 2007

Dandie / Mayday

3.      Visitation

5th wk July

Every other Sun

July 15, 2007


4.      Home Bible Studies

5th wk July

Every Thurs

July 15, 2007

Clar / Danny

5.      Discipleship

5th wk July

Every other Thurs

July 15, 2007

Arnel / Regie

6.      Fellowships

16 July 2006

Every 1st Sun

July 15, 2007

Clar / Liezl

7.      Prayer

16 July 2006

Every Sun

July 15, 2007


8.      Christian Cooperative

1st Sun Aug

Every 1st Sun

July 15, 2007

Liezl / Regie

Over all Coordinator: Arnel / P. Dan



"...the good news is preached to the poor" (Matt. 11:5)